yes, i am looking at things and i've got my own personal view. i am quite a bit cheerful person, i am not shy and i love people. when i go out in the field to photograph, meeting with the locals is always a pleasure for me.

photography is my passion, my obsession and my meditation all in one. and i take my time. thats why i love landscapes. you can talk to the trees while sliding in the mud, wading in the river or jump two meters high because of an scary snake. as harder it get the better the photo. it is never boring and it´s not always that funny. you may come back to see a totally different scene. when you wait for the right light you have got time to think. that´s the meditation part. sometimes the light keeps you waiting. you may figure out things you don't have the time for any other time.
somehow i stick to the square format, maybe because of its classical aspect. i used to draw when i was a tyke. digital technology, for me, is the perfect tool to actualize my vision. my photographs may have a realistic look, which i like it the most. that is the the way i feel.

i have sticking to a camera for nearly 30 years, the fun does not decrease. to pass on my knowledge and keep in touch with people from all over the world, is a delightful life. the journey is the reward. if you´re that kind of a person, i would love to have you on my photographic tours or workshops. feel free to join in.